Shift vs Beepi

Shift is another one of the new kind of marketplace for users to buy and sell used cars similar to Beepi. On a high level, you may be excused if you think Shift is just another Beepi or vice versa. They have the same value proposition, help sellers sell for more and buyers pay for less without all the hassle of a car transaction. However, they actually have very different business model. Here are the major differences between them that customers need to be aware of.

  Beepi Shift
Act as dealer buying/selling car? Yes No
Can buyer test drive the car? No Yes
Can seller trade in car? Yes, Beepi buys pending inspection No, Shift help you sell
Guarantee for buyer 10 days/1000 miles return policy 7 days/250 miles return policy
Who provides guarantee Beepi, seller has no obligation Seller, Shift facilitates

The biggest takeaway for car sellers is that if you sell your car through Beepi, Beepi buys the car from you. After you cash in your check from Beepi, that’s it! Your car is sold and whatever happens after that is Beepi’s problem. On the other hand, if you sell your car through Shift, Shift simply acts as a facilitator to help you sell your car. They help get your car detailed, professionally photographed, expertly listed on all major channels, provide free test drives to buyers and other value-add services. Unfortunately, you’ll still be responsible for the 7 days, 250 miles return policy in case the buyer is not happy with the purchase. Personally, I would prefer selling my car through Beepi but there’s really not much downside to Shift’s model either.

The biggest takeaway for car buyers is that if you buy your car through Shift, you can test drive it whereas you can’t if buying from Beepi. Shift will even drive the car to your doorstep for you to test drive! A serious downside of this model is that it’s really labour intensive and location dependent. That’s why Shift is currently only operating in 6 cities whereas Beepi can deliver the car to anywhere in the US. The number of cars for sale through Shift is also very limited but I’m a huge fan of their professionally photographed car photos!

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