AutoInsight help used car buyers shop with confidence

I remember the first time I bought a used car through Craigslist, I thought I was saving money by getting a good deal but in the end it didn’t quite work out that way. I bought a 2001 Honda Accord for around $3000 with 110,000 miles on it. I did everything I could to ensure the car was still in reliable working condition. I checked out Carfax and saw no history of major accidents. The seller was also the only owner of the car which was a good indication that the car had not been abused. The test drive felt good and I was really happy with my purchase, well, at least for the first 3 months. That’s when the car started acting up out of the blue! Battery died on me, I had to replace the break pads, and one day I started to hear weird engine noises which eventually costed me a fortune to repair!

Looking back now, I realized I didn’t know a single thing about inspecting a car and it struck me how many people buy second hand cars from private sellers knowing next to nothing about cars. For the most of us, buying a car is the second biggest purchase in our life (biggest purchase is a house in case you’re guessing) and finding deals in Craigslist, AutoTrader, Cars.com, etc. is a great way to save a lot of money. What most people don’t pay enough attention to is that you have to know how to inspect a car otherwise you can spend more money fixing it than buying it!

The AutoInsight app aims to help used car buyers evaluate cars with ease. With just the car VIN number, you can get a VinAudit history report and our independent appraisal of the car. Instead of filling out an obscene number of questions on kbb.com just to check out your car value, AutoInsight automatically fill in all those details and combine insights from the history report to provide you a more accurate car value.

Another feature that will come really handy to used car buyers and I really wish I had this when I bought my first used car, AutoInsight can diagnose your car while you test drive it! Pair AutoInsight with any generic bluetooth enabled OBD dongle that you can buy from Amazon and the app can automatically diagnose your car while you’re driving and let you know of any major problems or predict any impending costly repairs. Now anybody who has a driver license can shop for used cars with confidence!

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